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Great post by Simon Caulkin. Some excerpts: Most managers assume that improving service increases cost. Wrong. Cost reduction is a by-product of focusing on value as defined by the customer. Jack Welch called hierarchies places where “everyone has their face toward the CEO and their ass toward the customer.” The job of managers is […]

Ken Robinson discusses the history (and related dysfunction) of education, the correlation between ADHD prescriptions and standardized testing, and other provocative points.  The entire discussion is animated by a person illustrating the ideas on a white board.   Whether you’re interested in information design, education or both, you should check this out.

This is an excellent article from eSchool News on the concept of flipping classroom learning — the idea is that passive lecture activity becomes homework while group work, discussions, and practice are done in the class with a teacher present to support/facilitate students.  Some excerpts: “The main idea behind the ‘flipped’ classroom is for teachers […]

Thought this was a good TED talk on the lack of productivity in the office. While there are a lot of wasteful meetings and distractions at the office, I think it’s a little more nuanced.  A few things I’ve found helpful: If you share calendars at work, block out large chunks of your week […]

I had the opportunity to visit Brockton High last week on the same day that the NYT reporter of this article ( was there. There are a lot of theories right now on “what works” in education, but Brockton, against the odds, has stuck to the basics. “Achievement rose when leadership teams focused thoughtfully and […]

Good report from Nielson on designing with “the fold” in mind.  Summary: “Web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold. Although users do scroll, they allocate only 20% of their attention below the fold.”