Archive for the ‘Innovation’ Category Excerpt: “You have to realize that a book does a job for a customer.  It may entertain them, it may inform them, it may teach them — and there may be a better way to do that job…The atlas was a class of books that has pretty much gone away….because the job is literally […]

OpenLaszlo pre-dates Flex and has a similar architecture — with three important distinctions: It’s open source It uses javascript rather than actionscript It outputs to flash OR DHTML.  I’ve also seen at least one prototype of OpenLaszlo going to iphone I hadn’t checked in on the company since they went open source and took some […]

If you’re struggling to rationalize spending the time or money for thorough design, this is an excerpt from a blog entry on my company’s design process.  The full research paper from Caper Jones can be found here. Capers Jones has researched and written about  software development for a long time and his findings on the […]

The National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) is a non-profit organization who’s mission is to encourage “the effective use of information technology to improve student learning outcomes and reduce the cost of higher education”. In the last 10 years, NCAT  has consulted over 150 courses and universities to redesign large, lecture-based courses based on a […]

Henk Wijnholds writes that design principles can help to choose the best ideas after a brainstorming session. And below is a great video on ways to think about how different types of people make decisions and how that may influence the design of your website. Decision Modes: How People Buy from James Archer on Vimeo.

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