Nice interview with Tim O’Reilly on the Future of Ebooks



“You have to realize that a book does a job for a customer.  It may entertain them, it may inform them, it may teach them — and there may be a better way to do that job…The atlas was a class of books that has pretty much gone away….because the job is literally done much more effectively online.   Publishers…shouldn’t think too narrowly about ebooks — i.e., let’s put our books into some electronic format — but, what job are you doing?”

O’Reilly is at the forefront because they thought about the job their books needed to do, and evolved their production (XML, single source > multi-format) sales and marketing (Safari Books Online) channels to accommodate that job.


One Response to “Nice interview with Tim O’Reilly on the Future of Ebooks”

  1. I totally agree. Goes back to the “what problem are you trying to solve?” question. Reminds me of this quote: “The student of media soon comes to expect the New Media of any period whatever to be classed as ‘pseudo’ by those who acquired the patterns of earlier media, whatever they may happen to be. ”
    — Marshall McLuhan

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