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Below are some trends in higher ed that I try to keep track of.  I thought I’d post them here to: Share the info and sources with anyone who might be doing research.  It’s a pain to gather and vet this info — hope this helps. Make the research more collaborative.  If you have research […]

Popular Science has a great article this month on some cool tools for mobile app creation: SWEBAPPS – Build iPhone sites using templated features (buttons), such as Portfolio, Contact, Facebook, Locations, News, etc. AppBreeder – Also allows you to build apps via templates.  They have a custom app option and claim to deploy to iPhone, […] Excerpt: “You have to realize that a book does a job for a customer.  It may entertain them, it may inform them, it may teach them — and there may be a better way to do that job…The atlas was a class of books that has pretty much gone away….because the job is literally […]

Great interview of Sean Ellis on how to bring products to market. Interesting take-aways: A product is not ready to scale until it has “fit”; until at least 40% of your customers say that they’d be very disappointed if the product wasn’t available.  Sean recommends staying lean and iterating until you get to that […]

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a few companies with excellent customer support and have noticed a pattern in the way they approach things.  Specifically, in good CS companies, customer support is not what you do when the customer calls — it’s what you do to avoid the customer having to call.  Defining […]